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Monday 04 de June de 2018

Andorra Telecom’s El Niu, present at the Menorca Millennials international meeting of startups

Miquel Gouarré presents the opportunities for investing in Andorra and other options offered by the incubator. 30 startups from 14 countries participate in the twelve-day gathering

El NIU, Andorra Telecom’s business incubator and accelerator, will be present at the 5th edition of Menorca Millenials, an international gathering of start-ups held from May 25 to June 5 on the island of Menorca.

A total of 30 new companies will take part, selected by the organisers from a list of candidates from 14 countries on five continents. Those selected include Wegarage, which was already presented to the public at the financing event organized by Andorra Telecom’s El NIU last November.

Menorca Millennials offers the first deceleration program in the world for startups, a meeting point in a relaxed setting. For twelve days, the selected entrepreneurs will interact with international mentors such as Martin Vasavsky, CEO of Prelude Fertiliy and creator of Jazztel; Paul Ford, vice president of SendGrid and mentor of “500 Startups” and Techstarts, or Manel Adell, former CEO of Desigual.

El NIU has played a significant role in this edition of the congress, offering a presentation at the famous Far de Cavalleria lighthouse. NIU's chief executive, Miquel Gouarré, explained what Andorra has to offer foreign investors, and noted that Andorra Telecom’s accelerator is the perfect place for encouraging technological startups to grow. Gouarré was joined by Juan Felipe González, a businessman who recently moved to Andorra and who serves as a mentor for NIU.

Gouarré spoke of the potential impact of this gathering for Andorra Telecom’Meno accelerator. “It isn’t just an opportunity to make ourselves known to some of the most internationally well-known companies; it also puts us in touch with a relaxed, collaborative environment with investors, mentors and leaders in innovation.”
Menorca Millenials uses a deceleration method that reduces the risk of investment for both startups and investors. The programme involves three phases. During the first few days of collaboration and teamwork, entrepreneurs focus on generating value through professional exchange and the importance of the community.

The second phase is based on lectures and a series of personal interviews with mentors to evaluate business strategies. Participants will have the opportunity to be inspired with a series of open-air activities to connect with personal creativity.

Finally, in the investor tests, entrepreneurs will hold individual meetings with potential investors to try out business models, find funding and promote their startups.

At the three previous editions of this gathering, over €50 million was invested.
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