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TRANA (Multiple Sclerosis Association of Andorra)

Send the word “trana” to 601 and support the TRANA-EM Andorra Association

Project: Emotional support following the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and other neuromotor disorders

Beneficiaries: A project aimed at everyone diagnosed with MS and other conditions in their initial stage of diagnosis or an outbreak of the disease. It aims to make up for the Andorra’s structural lack of psychological support for incurable and degenerative diseases. The project initially envisages to support ten people.

Multiple sclerosis can have a major emotional impact on both the affected person and his/her environment. The moment of the diagnosis and the first months of living with the disease can be one of the most daunting stages of the life of a person who is affected and can cause fear, anxiety, guilt and turmoil, among other feelings.

Objective: The project submitted by TRANA involves individualised emotional support to provide psycho-education on the diagnosis and the usual emotional reactions, offering strategies to deal with the stress generated by the situation and detect the emotional symptoms that require a specific intervention or treatment.

Viability: Viability is one of the milestones to cover the country’s structural lack of psychological support for incurable and degenerative diseases. €55* 2 visits* 10 pax = €1,100


Send the word “gossos” (dogs) to 607 and support the association

Project: Veterinary aid and a food bank for pets belonging to families without financial resources

Objective: With the money they receive through the Social SMS, families with limited financial resources will obtain help to meet the basic food and veterinary needs of their dogs. Unfortunately, there are families in the country living in a precarious state, even more so in the health situation we’re experiencing. This coverage will be provided by Gossos to pay for the expenses stemming from the basic food and health service needs.

Beneficiaries: Families who live in Andorra who own dogs, have proven financial problems and don’t have sufficient financial resources to feed their dogs or receive basic veterinary services. Unfortunately, there are more and more families in the country living in a precarious financial state, even more so in the health situation we’re experiencing, which means that the time frame of this project is indefinite.

Viability: The costs generated by the project are different each month and depend on the requests for help that arrive, but the average estimate, including food and veterinary aid, is in the region of €1,000 per month.


Send the word “fpta” to 603 and support the Fundació Privada Tutelar d’Andorra.

Project: Acompanya’m (Support me)

Objective: The purpose of this programme is to ensure access to services for the psycho-social well-being of the people supported by the Foundation in order to provide global and comprehensive care to those affected so as to improve their health and social and family lives. The aim is to guarantee a better quality of life within the social and health care they receive from the different public services.

Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries of this programme are all the people supported by the Foundation. The Foundation cares for 45 people (2019 report attached).

Viability: The scheduled activities include a laughter therapy workshop, a sexuality workshop, a memory workshop and other activities such as trips to the cinema and visits to museums. €3,500


Send the word “creuroja” to 604 and support the association

Project: Botiga solidària (Charity Shop)

Objective: The Botiga Solidària is a service designed to give continuity to the different resources that the Red Cross has deployed in recent months as a result of the situation due to the lockdown and the spread of the epidemic caused by Covid-19.

Beneficiaries: This service is aimed everyone at risk or in a situation of social exclusion. 300 families currently use this service.

Viability: The extension of the furlough scheme and the downturn in economic activity have demonstrated the importance of maintaining a resource that can alleviate the family economy and make it easier for the most disadvantaged family units to maintain dignified lives.


Send the word “cooperand” to 602 and support the association

PROJECT: A book, a future

Objective: This is a project to convey values to young people in Andorra. Over the years, Cooperand has held various activities, talks, audiovisuals and craft markets with the presence of young volunteers with the aim of raising the awareness of schoolchildren in Andorra through their own life experiences in the world that lies beyond our borders. The aim of the project is to convey the values of solidarity, cooperation and empathy to young people.

The association has developed a bi-directional project that conveys the experience of the students at the source to those at the destination. Cooperand also conducts training at the source and activities which are then transferred to the recipient classrooms by volunteers from the country who mentor them.

Beneficiaries: Cooperand also conducts training at the source and activities which are then transferred to the recipient classrooms by volunteers from the country who mentor them.

The project seeks to fund school materials for the recipient students. The agreements with the schools and sports centres have been continuously renewed since 2006.

Viability: The experience of other years has proved highly satisfactory and has demonstrated its viability.


Send the word “cdl” to 609 and support the association

Project: CDL sustainable and solidarity roses

Objective: The association has designed the project with the aim of raising funds for the projects it is developing in Burkina Faso and Andorra. The association develops educational projects in partnership with the local authorities and strives to ensure that each person in each place can live with their own resources while enhancing their skills.

Beneficiaries: The general public that becomes aware of the prevailing global inequality.

CDL is developing projects here in Andorra to raise awareness and help the most disadvantaged people. One example of these initiatives is the Sustainable and Solidarity Roses project: The sale of paper roses produced by the association at the Sant Jordi Fair, seeking to encourage the consumption of local products and fair trade. Sustainable and solidarity roses symbolise love, but also justice and sustainability, values that are lacking in the global production and distribution of roses.

Viability: With the proceeds from the Social SMS, the association seeks to continue developing projects in our country to increase awareness of sustainability and social justice.


Send the word “amma” to 605 and support the association

Project: Illumination of the iconic building on World Rare Diseases Day

Objective: On 29 February at 7 pm, the commemorative event of World Rare Diseases Day was held and included the illumination of the Casa de la Vall and a musical performance.

With this initiative by AMMA, Andorra joined a global initiative as a country that gives support and visibility to rare diseases and features on the list of participants. The aim of the initiative was to create maximum visibility, awareness and interest with regard to rare diseases.

Beneficiaries: This action also seeks to sensitise public institutions and society and raise their awareness of these diseases.

The aim of the initiative was to create maximum visibility, awareness and interest with regard to rare diseases.

Viability: The proceeds are intended to cover the expenses generated by the initiative.


Send the word “coco” to 608 and support the association

Project: Fight against child mortality by reducing child malnutrition in southern Madagascar.

Objective: The Andorran Agua de Coco (Coconut Water) Association forms part of the Agua de Coco network that is also present in Spain, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Cambodia and Madagascar.

The project submitted is managed each year by Agua de Coco Andorra and its local counterpart Bel Avenir and it forms part of the bilateral cooperation strategy.

Madagascar suffers from chronic malnutrition as a result of its poverty and minimal development. 41% of its children suffer from chronic malnutrition while 16% suffer from acute malnutrition.

The goals of the project include: implementing nutritional treatment and monitoring, creating a nutritional census for the comparative assessment of the children’s state of health and raising awareness of the most common diseases that cause malnutrition and measures to prevent it.

Beneficiaries: The association also carries out outstanding outreach and awareness-raising work in our country. Two activities are conducted that seek to make society aware of the needs and situations of the population.

An outreach effort is also made through the association’s social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram), which have significant numbers of followers.

Viability: the proceeds will go to social and outreach awareness-raising programmes




How to apply:

By filling in the form and by sending it to the address


Length and price of the text message:

The length of the award is one year following the signing of the collaboration agreement and the price of each SMS sent is €1. These are not included in the package of contract and prepaid mobile telephony products.


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